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Blocked Noise Remedies How To Clear  A Blocked Nose


 Blocked Noise Remedies How To Clear A Blocked Nose Effectively And Quickly


If a blocked nose is caused by common cold or influenza, then the best or or best blocked nose remedies is to wait it out since these illnesses run a fixed course. However if the inconvenience caused is excessive, it is advisable to consult a medical practitioner and ask for some blocked nose remedies. A blocked nose could be brought on by an allergic reaction due to hay fever – this can be handled by taking antihistamines or decongestants.  Taking Vitamin C on a long term basis builds resistance against colds and  helps clear up nasal congestion – however it is recommended that not more than 500 mg be taken daily without the physician’s advice.

Blocked Nose Remedies

Simple but effective suggestions on how to clear a blocked nose would include the following, take note of all these amazing blocked nose remedies.

  • applying nose balms that contain lavender, eucalyptus or peppermint oils : these oils are decongestants and antiseptic in nature and are effective in clearing nasal congestion
  • a nasal spray or drop clears out the air passage
  • spraying a handkerchief or tissue with eucalyptus, menthol or tea tree oil and sniffing at it eases breathing
  • steam inhalation, preferably with essential oils such as eucalyptus, menthol, tea tree oil added to it, is recommended for clearing a blocked nose and this is a very effective blocked nose remedies
  • breathing in salt water clears the nasal passage of pollen and dust

How To Clear A Blocked Nose With natural Blocked Nose Remedies


On the other hand, there are some blocked nose remedies made from natural ingredients which are also highly recommended for how to clear a blocked nose. These blocked nose remedies are :

  • soaking cotton balls in a mixture of garlic juice, honey and aloevera juice and placing in the nostrils for 5-10 minutes
  • inhaling the fumes of a mixture of equal parts apple cider vinegar and water, heated to boiling point
  • inhaling the fumes of a mixture of jalapeno pepper juice (1/3 cup), chilli powder ( 2 tablespoons), salt ( pinch) in water, heated to boiling point
  • sniffing at a cut onion,a bottle of dill pickle or horse radish
  • hot, spicy, pungent foods act as natural decongestants. Indian or Thai foods are good examples of things to eat when trying to figure out how to clear a blocked nose.
  • drinking herbal tea or hot water with a dash of lemon is very soothing when one has a blocked nose

Some other methods for tackling the issue of how to clear a blocked nose are listed below, these can be a good blocked nose remedies as well.

  • exercise, preferably in fresh air
  • keeping the environment free of dust, pollen etc

As a conclusion, using the above blocked nose remedies normally prove an effective way of handling the problem of how to clear a blocked nose. However, in case there are serious blocked nose it is always advisable to seek help from doctor. Well, doctor will have the best blocked nose remedies, isn’t it?

conventional or medical blocked nose Remedies
We inhale oxygen through our nose, and a blocked nose causes hindrance in the flow of oxygen in our body, which further causes headache, weakness and lack of concentration. Some common blocked nose remedies are now discussed, that will help you treat the symptoms,

1. Xylometazoline (or xylomethazoline) : This is a blocked nose remedies in which drug is used as a topical decongestant for nose. It is applied as a spray, or drops, directly into the nose through nostrils. This drug or blocked nose remedies should not be used for a long time, as it can cause degenerative changes in nasal mucous membranes. Additionally, it should not be used by people with heart problems or high blood pressure, due to its sympathomimetic effects. Also if administered in drops, only a single drop should be put in the each of the nostril, as excess of this drug can cause severe headache. Otrivin is a popular brand containing Xylometazoline sold in many countries that clears blocked nose effectively.

2. Amylmetacresol, 2,4-Dichlorobenzyl alcohol, Hexylresorcinol, Menthol and Flurbiprofen: Almost all of us have heard the name “Strepsils”. The active ingredients, Amylmetacresol and 2,4-Dichlorobenzyl alcohol can kill bacteria associated with mouth and throat infections. In addition, Hexylresorcinol is an antibacterial agent that to reduce the length or severity of an infection and relieves of sore throat & blocked nose. Menthol is used along with hexylresorcinol to enhance the power to clear the stuffy nose. For severe cases, active ingredient flurbiprofen is used to obtain better results, in the form of lozenges. These are all effective blocked nose remedies used by most people in their daily life.

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